Love Sweet Mess "Bake Sexy" photoshoot

I recently got to do make-up for an old friend and HS classmate of mine who has grown to be quite a talented woman! Jessica Rose has been seen in the 2014 Queen of the Universe Pageant as Miss Malta and Miss Hollywood Image as Miss Malta, and now works as a producer on MTV's Ridiculousness. But her true talent, is baking delectable treats! No matter if you are vegan, gluten free, paleo, or going for the full on decadence..she'll accommodate your needs and make you fiend for more! She has even been on Cupcake Wars twice! She kindly brought me her Paleo Coconut Banana Cake Truffles, and they tasted like I was eating the really naughty stuff I'm not supposed to have! Mmmmmmm.

Jessica "Bakes Sexy" and she specializes in sweets that seduce your senses, using aphrodisiac ingredients to tantalize your tastebuds. She is also self taught so she abides by no baking rules!

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Photog: Edward Velasquez

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