Vintage Bohemian Styled Bridal Photoshoot!

I'm very excited to share recent work with a bunch of talented vendors here in the LA/OC area! It was an exciting day, as I hopped in to be a model as well as the make-up artist! Not too bad when you can kill two birds with one stone! 

If you would like to collab with me on one of these styled shoots please let me know, the results are always amazing!

Click the gallery below :)

Thank you to all who participated and to Photographer Joann Loo for putting it all together!

Models: Brenda Castillo,  Kayla Bresee & Mike Zamorano

Photographer: Joann Loo

Dress Designer: Yanique Barnes of Dreamers & Lovers

Vintage Rentals: Bella Vita Vintage Rentals

Florist: Dani Lovik of Lace Roots Florals @laceroots on Instagram

Hair: Lily Nguyen

Jewelry: Heather Puhek of Petals and Stones