RE: Make-up Artists that use excessive Photo Editing

I think it is time that I address a particular trend that has been sweeping the world and ultimately affecting our perception of Make-up Artistry. The overuse of Photo Editing has GOT TO STOP! It is unrealistic to say the least, and downright deceptive...

I'm not going to say I have never used photo editing to enhance an image, but I know when to draw the line. Nobody has ZERO pores and a plastic, Barbie-like complexion. What frustrates me about this competitive industry, is those who use these photoshop apps to make everything appear "perfect." What happens now? Clients come to me with photos saved from Instagram, "I want to look like this girl," she says, as she points to an airbrushed-to-the-max photo. That's the expectation these days, and it saddens me.

Now, I think it is important to know the difference between a campaign ad, and say, a before and after photo. By now, I think all of us know that campaigns, commercials, celebs, yep....ALL photoshopped. Nothing new there. But what I'm talking about, is some of the overly edited before and after shots. Deceiving? Or is this the new norm? Meh. I'm wondering if I should hop on board... Is this what now determines which artist books the job or not?

I want to point out that it gives me the greatest joy to enhance the beauty in every person I meet. To make you feel your prettiest, is what you enlisted me to do. I will also make recommendations based on my experience and I may sway you to do something a little out of your comfort zone. In every situation, I strive to make YOU, the best version of YOU, the real YOU, and nothing but YOU.. sorry..I had to keep going with that one (total cheese.)

Bottom line, please be weary of that MUA you found on instagram that "smoothes" every single image to perfection. It's not healthy to think that anyone can possibly look that way, you are beautifully, uniquely you, and you deserve the TRUTH when seeking a make-up artist for your special occasion.