Make-up for Courtney Swan of Realfoodolgy for Amazing Grass

As a make-up artist constantly on the go, I cannot let my diet suffer. Up until a few weeks ago I would travel all over the country, on planes and not sure what sort of meals I would be having, so one day I went to Whole Foods in search of a way to get all the nutrients I needed. That day a vendor happened to be sampling packets of Amazing Grass. I tried the Chocolate flavor (duh!) and it tasted pretty good for a healthy, green drink. 

Cut to a few months later, and I was set up to do makeup for Courtney Swan, Nutritionist, and organic food and wellness blogger at Realfoodology, for a video shoot with  Well + Good  and Amazing Grass

Check the video out below and if you are looking to try a great supplement...look no further!