90's inspired Barrio Logan Photoshoot

Anytime I get the opportunity to work with Dondee Quincena, (@Dondee_q on IG) I jump at it! Even if it means driving 2 hours to shoot in Barrio Logan in SD! This has been the 6th time I've worked with him, and he never ceases to amaze me...



I just love his style, he knows composition and natural light so well. As an MUA, I really love getting beauty shots of the make-up most of the time, but I still love being a part of a team that comes together to create a great fashion editorial. 



Hope you enjoy this lil 90's throwback treat! (Might I suggest throwing on MTV Party to Go Volume 6 as you peruse :P ) 

Photog: Dondee Quincena (@dondee_q)  // Model: Ana Nigrelli (@officialananigrelli)  //  Wardrobe: Andrew Philip Ng (@lil_saigon) Shot at EQ Studios in San Diego  

New YouTube Tutorial, Hawaiian Sunset Eyes!

It has be several years since I have made any makeup tutorials, so I came out of my hiatus and wanted to get back into it. 

I still lack the quality of video and the ability to zoom, lighting, and background, but it was still fun to create and I hope that you enjoy!

#TBT Male Grooming for James Harden and Tony Parker

Back in the day, I was fortunate enough to work with AT&T and these two NBA stars for a campaign to launch what was at the time, a new phone. 

I remember how nervous I was, not really because they are famous, but because I hadn't done much male grooming and my need for perfection. I soon overcame the self doubt and the results are...well see for yourself ;)


Shot by Kayvan Ghavim

2012 | HD | Senior Producer/Copywriter
Part of the campaign for the HTC One X.
agency: omelet
client: AT&T
prod company: the electric company

Make-up for Courtney Swan of Realfoodolgy for Amazing Grass

As a make-up artist constantly on the go, I cannot let my diet suffer. Up until a few weeks ago I would travel all over the country, on planes and not sure what sort of meals I would be having, so one day I went to Whole Foods in search of a way to get all the nutrients I needed. That day a vendor happened to be sampling packets of Amazing Grass. I tried the Chocolate flavor (duh!) and it tasted pretty good for a healthy, green drink. 

Cut to a few months later, and I was set up to do makeup for Courtney Swan, Nutritionist, and organic food and wellness blogger at Realfoodology, for a video shoot with  Well + Good  and Amazing Grass

Check the video out below and if you are looking to try a great supplement...look no further! 


Belmont Pier Beach Photoshoot

Recently I've had the pleasure of working with Aneta Coufalova, a lifestyle, portrait and wedding photographer here in Long Beach, TWICE! The first time I was actually the subject, and I just fell in love with her work. We then set up another shoot, with me as the MUA, and we found the lovely Melanie who is a lifestyle blogger (My Love and Beyond) and children's clothing designer of  Mini and Moi. 

Pleasure working with you ladies!

Harvest Bride at Trentadue Winery

My most favorite place in the world is Sonoma County. Now, I am a bit partial because yes that's where I grew up, but you have to admit, the landscape lends itself to an amazing backdrop and setting for a wedding.

I have known Caitlin since grade school and I was honored to be her MUA of choice for her big day. Then I was able to stay for the festivities!! What a beautiful day all around!

See below a video captured by Amanda Madeline Studios


Please Click photo below to see more! Photography by Kylie Chevalier Photography

Venue: Trentadue Winery
Photography: Kylie Chevalier Photography
Videography: Amanda Madeline Studios
Catering: Park Avenue
Florist: Blissfulness Florals by Nicole Davis
DJ: AMS Entertainment
Hair: Fringe Salon
Make-up: Kayla Arielle Artistry
Event planner: Milestone Events Group
Furniture: OneTrueLove Vintage Rentals

RE: Make-up Artists that use excessive Photo Editing

I think it is time that I address a particular trend that has been sweeping the world and ultimately affecting our perception of Make-up Artistry. The overuse of Photo Editing has GOT TO STOP! It is unrealistic to say the least, and downright deceptive...

I'm not going to say I have never used photo editing to enhance an image, but I know when to draw the line. Nobody has ZERO pores and a plastic, Barbie-like complexion. What frustrates me about this competitive industry, is those who use these photoshop apps to make everything appear "perfect." What happens now? Clients come to me with photos saved from Instagram, "I want to look like this girl," she says, as she points to an airbrushed-to-the-max photo. That's the expectation these days, and it saddens me.

Now, I think it is important to know the difference between a campaign ad, and say, a before and after photo. By now, I think all of us know that campaigns, commercials, celebs, yep....ALL photoshopped. Nothing new there. But what I'm talking about, is some of the overly edited before and after shots. Deceiving? Or is this the new norm? Meh. I'm wondering if I should hop on board... Is this what now determines which artist books the job or not?

I want to point out that it gives me the greatest joy to enhance the beauty in every person I meet. To make you feel your prettiest, is what you enlisted me to do. I will also make recommendations based on my experience and I may sway you to do something a little out of your comfort zone. In every situation, I strive to make YOU, the best version of YOU, the real YOU, and nothing but YOU.. sorry..I had to keep going with that one (total cheese.)

Bottom line, please be weary of that MUA you found on instagram that "smoothes" every single image to perfection. It's not healthy to think that anyone can possibly look that way, you are beautifully, uniquely you, and you deserve the TRUTH when seeking a make-up artist for your special occasion.




Summertime Showers Wedding

You really can never predict the weather! Here's a wedding I did make-up for back on July 18th, and although it was pouring some of the day, the cloudy sky makes for some great lighting!

Thank you to my wonderful best friend and assistant, Olivia Garvin. We work seamlessly yet swiftly as a team to make your day stress free and beautiful! Some of the bridemaids in these photos are her work. You can check out some of her work here

#FlashbackFriday Speaking in Nordy's Trend Show

By now, many of you know I am a brand ambassador for luxury cosmetics and skincare brand Le Métier de Beauté. I have been using these products in my kit for years because I love that they work for sensitive skin types, yet still offer amazing results. With no fragrances and the removal of unnecessary additives that clog pores, I can trust that the products will perform, and the best part... is that they infuse most everything with skincare! Their claim to fame is the delivery system that boasts results in less than 7 days!

Below you will see a video (sorry for the poor quality) that was taken in 2012 at a Nordstrom's Trend Show in San Jose, CA.

Enjoy! And please if you have questions about skincare, don't hesitate to reach out!

Styled Bridal Shoot With Vienna Rose Photography

I love working on styled bridal shoots because so many talented vendors come together to show off their amazing work! Again, I got to play the part of the bride and create a look to go with the theme. There were many raspberry colors flowers so I choose to go with a deep berry lip and a soft, grey smoky eye. We were so fortunate to have our shoot featured in 2 different blogs!! Thank you so much for your support!

See our Features on Dreamwedding.com and The Westchester Wedding Planner!

Thank you to all the vendors involved!

Photographer: Vienna Rose Photography

Florals and Decor: Exotica Designs

Make-up on Bridesmaids: Ashley Kay Makeup

Hairstylist: Shaun Cazzesus

Cake and Sweet Treats: Amazing Cake Creations

Models: Kayla Bresee (bride), Mike Zamorano (groom), Karli Howe (bridesmaid), Makenna Glunt (bridesmaid)

Le Métier de Beauté Chem60 Pro-Peel and GlowAi Mask

For those of you that don't know me, my full-time job is actually working as a Brand Ambassador and Artist for luxury cosmetics brand, Le Métier de Beauté. I am lucky to have these amazing products to work with on a daily basis both on myself and also in my kit.

My absolute FAV product that I take with me whether I'm doing weddings or special events is most definitely the Chem60 Pro-Peel and Glow10Ai Mask. The instant results are always jaw dropping. It's a must have for all professional make-up artists and even for your own personal use.

Here's how it works:

A special blend of glycolic and salicylic acids helps to break down the horny layer ( yes I just said horny layer ) which is a glue like substance that keeps the dead skin cells that are on the surface of your skin attached to the newer cells underneath. Even most cleansers and scrubs won't be enough to remove it, so in order to have the most radiant skin, we need to call on the Pro Peel!

Now that your skin is freshly exfoliated, and that nasty horny layer is gone, we can apply the Glow10Ai Mask which is choc full of skin nourishing ingredients! It is the BEST time to do a mask treatment because the ingredients can now get deeper into your skin! With LMdB's TPM technology, it takes antioxidants, omega fatty acids, aloe, and hyaluronic acid 24x's deeper into the skin. Apply, wait 10 mins, peel off and Voila! Perfect, radiant skin.

Available at www.neimanmarcus.com  for $265 as a set, or separately $185 for the Chem60ProPeel and $135 for the Glow10Ai Mask


Love Sweet Mess "Bake Sexy" photoshoot

I recently got to do make-up for an old friend and HS classmate of mine who has grown to be quite a talented woman! Jessica Rose has been seen in the 2014 Queen of the Universe Pageant as Miss Malta and Miss Hollywood Image as Miss Malta, and now works as a producer on MTV's Ridiculousness. But her true talent, is baking delectable treats! No matter if you are vegan, gluten free, paleo, or going for the full on decadence..she'll accommodate your needs and make you fiend for more! She has even been on Cupcake Wars twice! She kindly brought me her Paleo Coconut Banana Cake Truffles, and they tasted like I was eating the really naughty stuff I'm not supposed to have! Mmmmmmm.

Jessica "Bakes Sexy" and she specializes in sweets that seduce your senses, using aphrodisiac ingredients to tantalize your tastebuds. She is also self taught so she abides by no baking rules!

Check out her website www.lovesweetmess.com

Photog: Edward Velasquez http://www.modelmayhem.com/2578091

Click the photo below to see more!

NextDoorModel Mag #8 Cover

I'm very excited to announce that my most recent photoshoot with photographer Larsen Sotelo and Model Jessica Morrow and Stylist Kelly McGuire has been published in NextDoorModel Magazine Issue 08 Star Wars edition! We made the cover and I'm stoked to have my first cover (even though her face is hiding). It was awesome to work with such a talented team!


Make-up and Hair by Me

Click image below to see more photos

Behind the Scenes Video of Bridal Shoot


Thanks Again to everyone involved!

Video: Shimey Loo

Photographer: Joann Loo

Vintage Furniture: Bella Vita Vintage Rentals

Dress Designer: Dreamers & Lovers

Florist: Lace Roots Florals

Makeup: Kayla Arielle Artistry

Hair: Muse By Lily

Pastries: Little Sweet Cravings

Jewelry: Petals and Stones

Models: Kayla Bresee
Mike Zamorano
Brenda Castillo
James Garbo

Vintage Bohemian Styled Bridal Photoshoot!

I'm very excited to share recent work with a bunch of talented vendors here in the LA/OC area! It was an exciting day, as I hopped in to be a model as well as the make-up artist! Not too bad when you can kill two birds with one stone! 

If you would like to collab with me on one of these styled shoots please let me know, the results are always amazing!

Click the gallery below :)

Thank you to all who participated and to Photographer Joann Loo for putting it all together!

Models: Brenda Castillo,  Kayla Bresee & Mike Zamorano

Photographer: Joann Loo www.joannloo.com

Dress Designer: Yanique Barnes of Dreamers & Lovers www.dreamersandlovers.com

Vintage Rentals: Bella Vita Vintage Rentals www.bellavitavintagerentals.com

Florist: Dani Lovik of Lace Roots Florals @laceroots on Instagram

Hair: Lily Nguyen www.musebylily.com

Jewelry: Heather Puhek of Petals and Stones www.shoppetalsandstones.com

Looking for Bridal Vendors to connect with!

I'm looking to expand my bridal contacts in LA and OC. Let's collab on a stylized bridal photoshoot, or help each other in looking for new clients. All bridal vendors wanted, florists, furniture rentals, venues, dress designers, hairstylists, bakeries, etc. Drop me a line!